Poems by Ruth

“The Things of Life”

A dog

A bone

A scaredy cat

A moose

A bear

A hunter’s hat

A leaf

A tree

A blade of grass

My food

So good

I can’t hold back

A sign

Of yellow

The road’s direction

A peace

My heart

Is sweet affection

“Death and Life”

Man of beauty, strength and farrell

Lies within unquenching sorrow

Grief has made him softer, wiser

Drinking from the timeless geyser

Searching for his place to rest

Upon death’s hard, but welcome breast

Their meeting is but quick and sudden

That lays him down to die

The bright approaching swift and solemn

Looks upon the hero, fallen

Lifts and covers, warm embraces

A life well done, the race is finished

Finally, my face wiped clean

Finally, my saviour seen

“Chasing Sleep”

Sleep evades

Late night noises

Cats locked out and

Small blinking lights

Stomach hungry

Mind is wandering

Anxiety for needed rest

Possible solutions

One chosen

Poem written

Mind unfrozen

“Inspiration Wanted”

Mind has puzzle

Wants to solve

Won’t dissolve

Trapped in muzzle

Need solution

To move forward

Going for the


Creative process slowed like mud

Foggy vision

Brain collision

Looking for the rose to bud

“To Baby”

To the child in me

Wild and free

Wondering what you will be

Fun and outgoing

Quiet and smart

Kind and responsive

Full of good heart

Now I know you’re not here yet

You’ve got growing to do

You’ll get bigger and bigger

Till we see this thing through

You’ll enter the world screaming and hungry

You will fall fast asleep

You will smell like clean laundry

The world will be eager to meet you

Grandmas and uncles and aunts

Friends with young babies

And kids with the crazies

Will pour out their love like a dance

“Who Are You?”

The kind of person I am

Well here it is:

I am rainy days and sunny beaches

I am Volkswagen vans and fuzzy peaches

I’m a ‘72 Stingray

In glittering green

I am hot cocoa with marshmallows

I’m the space in between

Like Dave Matthews sang

John Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane

I am indoor and outdoor

I’m an unfinished plan

But tell me about you

And we’ll get somewhere new

Are you gourmet or fast food?

Are you spaghetti or stew?

Are you white sparkly tulle?

Are you farm dogs and mules?

Do you tan in the sun or read in the shade?

Do you run and play sports?

Are you bought or homemade?

For these are the things that might set us apart

But often these things draw you close to my heart

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re yellow or blue

For I could be pink and I’d still love you

The ultimate test of who we are is

Whether we love and how much we give

“A Poem About Hair”

Dear dreadlock

Please unlock

Please show me your key

For the charm you inspire

Makes me happy, you see

You sway like long vines from jungle to sea

Dear dreadlock

Please unlock

Please show me your key

Oh Afro

How I know

Where you go

That I’ll go

I’ll follow you always my friend

For the person that has you

Can never just pass through

Without someone shaking their hand

“The Raven Child”

A child feels happy, ready

For the thoughts of day

Then decisions override

And put good plans at bay

Keep glad thoughts at bay

Throw joy away

Is this worth the argument?

To command a “go” or “stay”?

Yet a child must feel power

The authority and say

“I’m in control,” they say

Life my way

A pondering gaze on parents faces

At the child’s sense of sway

To calculate success or failure

If as parents they will pay

With their child’s future pay

Yea or nay?


Fade away

To raise a child in understanding

Is a task for everyday

For they need patience, love, and guidance

They are in your hands as clay

They are soft, moldable clay

Love’s doorway


Here is the hospital

Big, clean, and scary

So many people here

Nurses named Sheri

They poke me with needles

And sample my blood

They talk to my parents

My heart goes “thud thud”

I walk down a hallway

Forever in white

Till I come to a place

A place that seems right

Where everything sparkles

And everything shines

Where everyone’s friendly

And always on time

The nurses wear yellow

Their gloves pink and green

They have smiles so wide

The biggest I’ve seen

I feel at home here

I feel at ease

The doctors are gentle

And eager to please

I arrive at my bed

They bring me some food

A happy orange tray

With jello that’s blue

I’m told it’s my home here

Until I am well

It could take quite some time

It’s no magic spell

I assure them it’s fine

I’m here with my bear

He’ll be here by my side

Whenever I’m scared

So as days turn to weeks

And weeks get longer

I’m reminded I’m strong

And I’ll only get stronger


A Marriage begins it

In the Order of God’s plan

Teamwork is needed

And Honesty, to understand

Then the wed become Examples

In this Relay race of life

A Holy, sacred calling

God-Ordained for man and wife

To raise up Offspring for his kingdom

In a constant Display of love and affection


Blue cats

Cotton roses

Curtain patterns

Runny noses

Worn shoes

Hearts untied

Messy sheets

Love alive

Fine hair

All in knots

Temper tantrum

Fingers crossed

Old house

New guitar

Holding hands

In the car


Oh, Ukulele, sing me a song

One that is sweet the same as it’s long

One that will carry me through the night’s wrongs

Oh, Ukulele, sing me a song

I’ll watch you dance with my fingertips

2 step turns and funny little dips

Slide me across the floor with a trick

I’ll watch you dance with my fingertips

Oh, Ukulele, how I love thee

You drown out my sorrows and fill me with glee

Sing out your song forever for me

Oh, Ukulele, how I love thee

You take the wrongs and change them to rights

My heart comes alive and sings with delight

Evenings and mornings are happy alike

You take the wrongs and change them to rights

Oh, Ukulele, I’m glad you are mine

Your simplicity is beauty so fine

It brings me a joy I cannot define

Oh, Ukulele, I’m glad you are mine


I have my romance

I live it every day

No drama or stolen dance

There’s nothing I can’t say

But I still have dreams

Like a little girl

Of being the one that you adore

Seeing that look in your eyes

Watching you defend the ones I love

Sometimes I want to be swept off my feet

Or surprised or asked to dance

I want the magical lights

And the mystery Spanish guitar

setting moods in my backyard

But here we are in real life

And it’s sweet

It’s the true delight

I know there’s still some room for magic

But nonetheless my life is classic

I wouldn’t trade it for the life

Of Cinderella or Twilight

Because I have magic not found in books

Or Hollywood or celebrity’s looks

This magic comes from the daily charms

Of knowing I’m cared for

In another’s arms

Of a joke understood by only us

And seeing what this duo becomes










“Young Little Hunny”

Young little hunny

With a mister so funny

Who sees you have nothing to do

Will open your eyes

As with triumph he replies

And says, “Get to work buckaroo!”

“I don’t care what you do

Mop the floor make a stew!

Scrub the walls till they sparkle and shine

If only I find

You’ve made good use of your time

I will love you much more than my wine


“Tomorrow I will” said Jiminy Blade

Tomorrow’s a place he had quite often stayed

Doing the most unbelievable things

Like running in circles on Saturn’s great rings

Or building a plane from elephant wings

Or weaving a tightrope completely from floss

A man in a hat who helped him across

But sadly, what you do in tomorrow doesn’t count in today

For the things done today are the things that will stay

The days of tomorrow will only display

The things you accomplished while living today

But if dreaming is what gets you through

Make sure that while dreaming you also do

“Dayton’s Poem”

I want you to know that you light up my day

I want you to know that I want you to stay

I want you to know you’re the sun in my sky

I want you to know you will always be mine

So pick up your feet and light up your face

Have a whole lot of fun as you run in this race

Tomorrow’s worries are too much for today

So crumple them up and throw them away

Cast off your dark clothes, put on the light

Take cover in Jesus, the strength of his might

He walks with you always, though sometimes it’s rough

He died and was raised; his grace is enough

“I Am Alive”










A father loved

A father lost

A face I never knew

What I thought

Could be, was not

Just a dream, but never true

Just two things from him I saved

A tomahawk, a rusty blade

To the rest of him

I said goodbye

My help for him

Had long run dry

A father loved

A father lost

The face I came to know

My heart for him

Was all for not

He was glad to let me go


Lou had limits

There were limits on Lou

Sometimes what he wanted

He just couldn’t do

No matter how he tried

He just couldn’t push through

Because Lou had limits

There were limits on Lou

Trey saw a day

Where she had things to say

Where people would follow

When she Said, “Come this way”

Where her thoughts were important

And her opinions had sway

Yes, Trey saw a day

Where she had things to say

No matter who you are

There are limits on you

These limits will keep you

From doing what it is that you do

But know you can beat them

If only you try

If you never lose faith

And keep your head to the sky

But Why can’t I?

Asked a boy who was blind

Why can’t I see

What everyone sees?

There are some things in life

No effort will ease

I cannot try

To see shapes and colour

Even if I searched

I could never discover

If my heart’s full of faith

And I never lose hope

I will always stay blind

It can’t be re-wrote

But what I can do

Is figure out how

To live out my purpose

Right here and right now

To adapt to my limits

To the ones I cant change

And to do what I can

For the rest of my days


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