Mini Portrait: Puppy Love

Here’s another 5×7 mini portrait featuring me when we first brought home our German shepherd puppy, Romeo. This one was interesting because I didn’t want to paint over the glazed background so even though I made a few errors in proportions I tried to work with it instead of painting over mistakes. Good learning exercise and I have a couple more small ones planned.

Puppy Love


Mini Portrait: New Daddy

This mini painting (5×7″) is of Dayton with our daughter Mary, a week or so after she was born. Oh the snuggles!! If you would like one of your favourite family moments turned into a painting I’m open to commissions!

New Daddy

Semi-Charmed Life

Here’s the newest addition to my art family. I’ve been wanting to do a painting with this line ever since I first heard the song a few years ago. Also the background is from a photo I took at Crescent Beach a while ago. I’m loving these smaller paintings because I am able to finish them much faster increasing my sense of accomplishment, motivating me to do more paintings. Since the beginning of a project is always the most exciting part, so the faster you can finish one painting and get back to something new the more you enjoy the overall creating process. I do have a couple large canvases kicking around but I’m going to work on my style and technique in these smaller pieces for a while before I attempt anything large scale again. Semi-Charmed Life Lyric. 11x14

Painting from life

Hey there!

Recently, I started doing daily drawings since it is much more feasible when most of my “free” time comes in short, unpredictable amounts. I have long wanted to practice drawing portraits from life so I started drawing my newborn Grant since he sleeps next to me when I draw and stays relatively still. Also, I don’t exactly have models lining up on my doorstep.

I am pleased with the outcome, I have been trying to learn shapes, shadows, and proportions of the human face and painting is a level harder than drawing since you are adding the element of colour.

Anyways, baby is crying so that is all for now!!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Isaiah 43:2 Waves

Some paintings are more challenging than others and this was one of those paintings for me. However, after changing the direction and adding the verse I am happy with the outcome. Also, I always love the chance to practice my fonts. 🙂


Art at Cloverdale Library

Today is a good day. It’ sunny and I got a free journal from Chapters because I pointed out that the cover was upside down. Hurray for free defective stuff! I’m also sipping a homemade chai tea smoothie. Mmm, delicious… Get the recipe here: 😛

But those aren’t the only good things about this week. On Tuesday Christine Schiedel and I installed our art at the Cloverdale Library! It was great to collaborate with another artist in this new venture. So if you happen to be in the downtown of the Cloverdale sometime check out their newly brightened walls. Christine’s pieces are the one’s behind the front checkout and mine are upstairs plus the one of the Crescent Beach Pier also behind the checkout. They will be on display until the end of June.

PS All of Christine’s and my pieces are for sale, you can ask for prices at the info desk. 🙂

Good day  imgres.jpg

I got to meet Nicholas Bott


Have you ever unexpectedly met someone you admired? Well today was one of those days for me. I had the car for the afternoon so I could run an errand and while I was in the area I wanted to visit the White Rock Gallery because they always have such beautiful displays and I hadn’t been in a while. I walked in and after a minute I noticed there was a small group of staff and an older gentleman talking at the counter and I heard them mention his name, Nicholas Bott.

Nicholas Bott is an amazing artist who portrays Canadian landscape with vibrant colours and bold, angular brushstrokes. I have looked closely at his work online as well as at the White Rock Gallery when I have visited in the past.

It was one of those moments where you suddenly realize you are in the room with greatness (ahem, I mean a successful person… I felt like a teenybopper in the presence of Justin Bieber or something). I casually meandered my way to the counter and interrupted to say how much I love his work. It turned out he was just there dropping off a new collection. The staff even showed me one of his newest paintings.

#rightplacerighttime 🙂

PS If you have no idea who I’m talking about please check out his work at

Paintings at Apeldoorns

Hey so it’s been a little slow lately but I just wanted to send out an update! Last Saturday Dayton and I took a trip out to his cousin’s coffee shop, Apeldoorns, in Chilliwack and hung up two of my Crescent Pier paintings!

It’s a great little place with delicious affogato (ice coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it), crescent sandwiches and lots of other yummy treats. I’m excited about the opportunity to get some exposure and was just happy to help brighten up the place with some original art!

Here are a couple pics of them hanging on the walls:


So if you happen to be in the area check it out! Apeldoorns is located on Mill Street in the historical part of Chilliwack north of the highway. It’s also on Facebook, just make sure you get the spelling right. 😛

The Pier at Crescent IV

Here is the 4th and final painting of the Crescent Beach Pier. Enjoy!!