Art at Cloverdale Library

Today is a good day. It’ sunny and I got a free journal from Chapters because I pointed out that the cover was upside down. Hurray for free defective stuff! I’m also sipping a homemade chai tea smoothie. Mmm, delicious… Get the recipe here: 😛

But those aren’t the only good things about this week. On Tuesday Christine Schiedel and I installed our art at the Cloverdale Library! It was great to collaborate with another artist in this new venture. So if you happen to be in the downtown of the Cloverdale sometime check out their newly brightened walls. Christine’s pieces are the one’s behind the front checkout and mine are upstairs plus the one of the Crescent Beach Pier also behind the checkout. They will be on display until the end of June.

PS All of Christine’s and my pieces are for sale, you can ask for prices at the info desk. 🙂

Good day  imgres.jpg