The Pier at Crescent III

Hey everyone! Here’s the next one in the series! Hope you like it and be looking for the next one..It will the the final Crescent Pier painting for this series.

P.S. Notice I signed this one like a normal human being! I have never known how or if I should sign my work and there seems to be no real consensus in the art world on this subject (at least that I can find). I have seen artists that have a really cool signature that they incorporate into their pieces and others that only sign their work on the back. I have tried to lean towards the former but I have realized that instead of trying to come up with some “cool” way to sign my art or leaving it blank because I can’t I should just write my name in a way that is subtle but still there. Or, as my husband Dayton put it, “Don’t try to be original. Just write your name.”

P.S.S. The heart shape in the sky was completely unintentional… I didn’t even think about it until after. 🙂


One thought on “The Pier at Crescent III

  1. Wow! I can really see a personal style developing here. This is turning out to be a great exercise, to keep painting the same thing. I love how you’ve experimenting how you do clouds.


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