Biding My Time

Since going on mat leave last week I needed to set goals for myself to reach before going into labour in order to keep myself from going crazy with this whole “waiting for baby to come” thing. o_o

So I made a “pre-baby bucket list” and as you might guess about 85% of the things on that list are some kind of crafty venture or other (the other 15% is stuff like cleaning the house, reading, and day trips to Vancouver – Oh, and of course sleeping in). Some of the things included finishing current paintings (check), learning to crochet (check), and making t-shirt yarn (also check). In case you’re wondering it is going to be a basket. It was the most functional beginner project I could find. Right now I am still working on the base.


I also noticed the other week that the mini roses I had planted last year and let die had miraculously come back to life. So I repotted those. Please bloom.

Also, over the last few weeks I decided it would be a good idea to make some cloth wipes for my baby since I am planning on using cloth diapers. I thought I would make 10, thinking that even if that wasn’t enough it would at least cut down on the amount of disposable wipes I used. However, being that I am stuck in the 18th century with my lack of sewing machine this turned out to be more time consuming than I cared to commit to. So I completed a set of four and thats good enough for me. 😛

For the fabric I used old tops. A t-shirt for the green and the inside of a sweater for the grey. They are very soft and the grey side is similar to terry cloth so I hope they are functional as well. At any rate is was a fun and easy sewing project. The Triforce one is for soon-to-be Uncle Ben. Ben, you can use it when I ask you to change my child’s diaper. 😉


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