Biding My Time

Since going on mat leave last week I needed to set goals for myself to reach before going into labour in order to keep myself from going crazy with this whole “waiting for baby to come” thing. o_o

So I made a “pre-baby bucket list” and as you might guess about 85% of the things on that list are some kind of crafty venture or other (the other 15% is stuff like cleaning the house, reading, and day trips to Vancouver – Oh, and of course sleeping in). Some of the things included finishing current paintings (check), learning to crochet (check), and making t-shirt yarn (also check). In case you’re wondering it is going to be a basket. It was the most functional beginner project I could find. Right now I am still working on the base.


I also noticed the other week that the mini roses I had planted last year and let die had miraculously come back to life. So I repotted those. Please bloom.

Also, over the last few weeks I decided it would be a good idea to make some cloth wipes for my baby since I am planning on using cloth diapers. I thought I would make 10, thinking that even if that wasn’t enough it would at least cut down on the amount of disposable wipes I used. However, being that I am stuck in the 18th century with my lack of sewing machine this turned out to be more time consuming than I cared to commit to. So I completed a set of four and thats good enough for me. 😛

For the fabric I used old tops. A t-shirt for the green and the inside of a sweater for the grey. They are very soft and the grey side is similar to terry cloth so I hope they are functional as well. At any rate is was a fun and easy sewing project. The Triforce one is for soon-to-be Uncle Ben. Ben, you can use it when I ask you to change my child’s diaper. 😉


Fruits of the Spirit Series


They’re here! I’m proud to show you the completed “Fruits of the Spirit” series – I’m really happy with them. 🙂 I learned a lot about colour mixing with this series because I chose only to use red, blue, yellow and white to create the colours I needed. I do have other paints that may have made it easier, like using green instead of always mixing it, but I feel like it created more of a consistency across the series as well as keeping the colours nice and bright. (I’m just kidding [kind of]… I don’t actually know, but I feel better about myself knowing I mixed them all myself) 😛

Aaannyways – Here they are! (First the completed individuals you haven’t seen yet, then the series as a whole)

My Visit to Gallery n. 204

I noticed Gallery n.204 located at 204 st and Douglas Cres. a few weeks ago as I was driving past and today I decided to check it out. After talking with the lady working there I found out that it opened last September and showcases the works of BC artists. It had a friendly atmosphere and the lady working there ended up showing me some online resources for breaking into the art world. Their website is or Facebook at

I particularly loved this one painting called Prime Radiant done in acrylic by Bryan Coombes. It is a decent sized piece measuring 24 x 48 inches. I thought it was great the way he mixed traditional brush painting with the splatter technique. And seeing it in person is even cooler than the picture can do justice to.

To see more of his work check out:


There is something about a gallery atmosphere that feels really special to me. I think my ultimate art dream would be to make a full-time living off of showing my work in galleries.

However…I am aware that to be a successful artist you need to DIVERSIFY. That means not expecting all of your income to come from one place. Also, in today’s online crazed world I don’t think it’s possible to make it in the art world without some kind of online presence.

Lately I have been focusing on making art that is “Etsy friendly.” Aka art that can produced in a short period of time and appeals to young consumers. Art that I can make sales on. But I’m starting to think that I can do both. I shouldn’t give up my dream of making fine paintings that will show in high end galleries. But I should also but effort into what can produce a steady income. I think joining the two will help me to become established in the art world faster than trying to just accomplish one or the other.

Tell me your thoughts: Are you an aspiring artist trying to figure out how to make a living off of what you love? What are career goals as an artist? How do you make them become a reality instead of just letting your work pile up in your spare bedroom or garage?

How do you prioritize your artistic dreams to actually get things done? Do people even buy paintings from galleries anymore? How do you approach a gallery and ask if your work is good enough to be showcased there?

As you can see I have many questions and am not sure where to begin. I look at the works in galleries and believe that I have what it takes to paint like that, but don’t know how to organize my life in a way that facilitates my goals.

Anyways, that’s my artist’s rant for today.

P.S. if you feel up to it check out the online resources the lady at the gallery referred me to today.

School of Visual Storytelling:

Will Terry (youtube) – I believe he is the instructor at

Crescent Beach and Candle Making

Today was a great day.

This morning I went down to Crescent Beach and took pictures in the rain. It was quiet and peaceful and beautiful. Everything was grey, green, and wet. That’s the kind of beach I like. Not bustling with people and palm trees, just quiet and with drift wood and seagulls.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures I took. I would like to use them as references for future drawings or paintings, but for now here’s just the pictures.

And now for the candle making part. 🙂

I found this great idea from this link:

Step 1: Remove the wicks from the tea lights and place them in the shells. You should just be able to pull them out from the bottom, although I did have to use a knife to help remove a thin layer of wax that was covering them.

Shells with Wicks

Step 2: Melt the wax. You can also do this in a microwave, but ours is broken right now. 😛 I put the candles in a tin can to prevent having to scrape wax from the pot after.

Melting the Wax

Step 3: Pour the melted wax into the shells and wait for it to harden.

Finished Seashell Candles!!

I was actually surprised by how easy this little project was. The longest part was the 5 minutes it took for the wax to melt in the pot. I would love to try this again with bigger shells, but for now I have cute little mini beach candles!! 😀

Peace, Patience

Hello 🙂

Here are two more of the Fruits of the Spirit series: Peace and Patience. As I was trying to decide what fruits to put with each word I tried to pick ones that seemed to go least in my head. 😛 I guess I picked peaches for peace because the words are only a couple letters off from each other and for some reason pears just seem to symbolize patience well. Are pears patient?