More to Come :)

Hello friends,

I figured I should share with you a little of what I’m working on at the moment. First, here is one that is separate from the Fruits of the Spirit series I told you about. It is all done except for the writing in the speech bubbles. As you can see I attempted to use a sharpie in one of the bubbles. If you have ever tried this you’ll know that sharpies don’t work very well on acrylic paint for some reason. They become all scratchy and it is really hard to write smoothly. I read on a blog to try a paint pen so when I get around to actually going to Opus next I will pick one up and hopefully that will work.

If anyone else has ideas about how to write on acrylic paint please comment!! (Other than painting with a brush, because I know that that would take way too long and would not turn out how I want.)


2016-02-07 01.45.47 1.jpg

That aside, here are a couple from the Fruits of the Spirit series just to show you a bit of the process.

2016-02-07 01.54.29 1.jpg2016-02-07 01.54.32 1.jpg

I have decided to build them all up equally instead of completing one and then moving to the next. That way I won’t be able to chicken out and only complete a few of them. I’ll be forced to either have all or nothing. 😛

So as you can see I have used modelling paste to add some texture to the canvas before starting. Then I roughly drew in my design with pencil. Then, as you can see in the “Love” painting, I have painted the background colour. Next I will paint over the background colour with white, leaving the areas around the design to show through. (If my description is confusing check out my painting “Joy” I posted last week for a visual)

I’m really liking this technique of layering – It’s simple and easy to start and stop when I feel like it as opposed to complex blending where you are forced to finish an area before stopping. Also, I like the childness of it, it makes me very happy to look at it. 🙂



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