Who Are You?

“Who Are You?”

The kind of person I am

Well here it is:

I am rainy days and sunny beaches

I am Volkswagen vans and fuzzy peaches

I’m a ‘72 Stingray

In glittering green

I am hot cocoa with marshmallows

I’m the space in between

Like Dave Matthews sang

John Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane

I am indoor and outdoor

I’m an unfinished plan


But tell me about you

And we’ll get somewhere new

Are you gourmet or fast food?

Are you spaghetti or stew?

Are you white sparkly tulle?

Are you farm dogs and mules?

Do you tan in the sun or read in the shade?

Do you run and play sports?

Are you bought or homemade?


For these are the things that might set us apart

But often these things draw you close to my heart

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re yellow or blue

For I could be pink and I’d still love you

The ultimate test of who we are is

Whether we love and how much we give



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