The Raven Child

I titled this one “The Raven Child” as a play on words since I wrote it using the same poem structure as “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. Raven also denotes a kind of negative imagery because it is a black/dark and also mischievous bird.  This poem is about dealing with a young child’s mood swings and less logical moments. 🙂

“The Raven Child”

A child feels happy, ready

For the thoughts of day

Then decisions override

And put good plans at bay

Keep glad thoughts at bay

Throw joy away

Is this worth the argument?

To command a “go” or “stay”?

Yet a child must feel power

The authority and say

“I’m in control,” they say

Life my way

A pondering gaze on parents faces

At the child’s sense of sway

To calculate success or failure

If as parents they will pay

With their child’s future pay

Yea or nay?


Fade away

To raise a child in understanding

Is a task for everyday

For they need patience, love, and guidance

They are in your hands as clay

They are soft, moldable clay

Love’s doorway


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