This one is one of my personal favourites and would love to make it into a children’s book someday. Enjoy 🙂


Here is the hospital

Big, clean, and scary

So many people here

Nurses named Sheri


They poke me with needles

And sample my blood

They talk to my parents

My heart goes “thud thud”


I walk down a hallway

Forever in white

‘Till I come to a place

A place that seems right


Where everything sparkles

And everything shines

Where everyone’s friendly

And always on time


The nurses wear yellow

Their gloves pink and green

They have smiles so wide

The biggest I’ve seen


I feel at home here

I feel at ease

The doctors are gentle

And eager to please


I arrive at my bed

They bring me some food

A happy orange tray

With jello that’s blue


I’m told it’s my home here

Until I am well

It could take quite some time

It’s no magic spell


I assure them it’s fine

I’m here with my bear

He’ll be here by my side

Whenever I’m scared


So as days turn to weeks

And weeks get longer

I’m reminded I’m strong

And I’ll only get stronger




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