Magic Revisited

Hello 🙂

I decided to revisit the poem “Magic” I posted yesterday. It was written a while back but after posting it I felt that it was incomplete. So here it is again, but with a new second half. 🙂 Enjoy!


I have my romance

I live it every day

No drama or stolen dance

There’s nothing I can’t say


But I still have dreams

Like a little girl

Of being the one that you adore

Seeing that look in your eyes

Watching you defend the ones I love


Sometimes I want to be swept off my feet

Or surprised or asked to dance

I want the magical lights

And the mystery Spanish guitar

setting moods in my backyard


but here we are in real life

And it’s sweet

It’s the true delight

I know there’s still some room for magic

But nonetheless my life is classic


I wouldn’t trade it for the life

Of Cinderella or twilight

Because I have magic not found in books

Or Hollywood or celebrity’s looks


This magic comes from the daily charms

Of knowing I’m cared for

In another’s arms

Of a joke understood by only us

And seeing what this duo becomes




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