Poem-A-Day Challenge

Hello there 🙂

I have a proposition to make. I have just been going through some poems I wrote this year and have decided to share them here on my blog. So for the next two weeks or so I will share a poem a day.

But I would also like to make this fun and interactive so if there are any other closet poets like myself out there I would like to give you the opportunity to join me.

Please post your poems either here on http://www.ruthjacksonincolour.wordpress.com or on my Facebook page RjColour/Twitter @RjColour.

A lot of the poems you will see over the next couple of weeks are fun and light, but there are also some that are more serious and personal. I want to share them because I know that whatever difficult experiences I have had I know there are others who can relate. I would love to hear from you if there is a poem that particularly speaks to you. 🙂

But for starters, lets have something fun!

This one is titled “Young Little Hunny” and is loosely based off a conversation I had with my husband this morning. 😛

Young little hunny

With a mister so funny

Who sees you have nothing to do


Will open your eyes

As with triumph he replies

And says, “Get to work buckaroo!”


“I don’t care what you do

Mop the floor make a stew!

Scrub the walls till they sparkle and shine


If only I find

You’ve made good use of your time

I will love you much more than my wine








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