From One Artist to Another

Hey There šŸ™‚

It seems things are beginning to flow again in the art department of my life. I’ve recovered from a broken wrist and have stopped throwing up from pregnancy long enough for the creative juices to begin to flow again. I had my ultrasound this past week and am working on a sort of collage made with fabric scraps that will feature a silhouette of our baby. šŸ˜€

While I was in the midst of all that I sort of third-handedly inherited a whole bunch of embroidery thread and tapestry wool as well as some unfinished projects from another artist. I never met him, but he knew some of our old family friends and when he passed away they got all of his old projects and supplies and they passed them on to my mom who gave them to me when I said I was interested.

However, all of these supplies were basically in a rats nest in an ancient shoe box so I am in the process of making little origami boxes and sorting all the colours (which I am thoroughly enjoying). I am also trying to think of how I could finish some of his projects and maybe put a modern twist on them.

Bottom line: I am excited and I love exploring new mediums!!

Here’s the pics šŸ˜›

Sorting Colours
Sorting Colours
Renaissance Man & Woman
Renaissance Man & Woman
Winter Tree
Winter Tree

Ruth šŸ™‚


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