Hey there 🙂

Decided to try a new art form with some of the tapestry yarn I was given. It felt like I was connecting to something that other women all over the world have been doing for thousands of years. Pretty cool. 🙂

Woven Wall Hanging


This poem is about my dad. Our relationship has gone from being non existent to strained to where it is now, where it seems as though we are slowly starting to appreciate and get to know each other. This poem was written before I could really see any hope of our relationship becoming something good.


A father loved

A father lost

A face I never knew


What I thought

Could be, was not

Just a dream, but never true


Just two things from him I saved

A tomahawk, a rusty blade


To the rest of him

I said goodbye

My help for him

Had long run dry


A father loved

A father lost

The face I came to know


My heart for him

Was all for not

He was glad to let me go



Dayton’s Poem

I wrote this one for Dayton sometime while we were dating. 🙂

“Dayton’s Poem”

I want you to know that you light up my day

I want you to know that I want you to stay

I want you to know you’re the sun in my sky

I want you to know you will always be mine


So pick up your feet and light up your face

Have a whole lot of fun as you run in this race

Tomorrow’s worries are too much for today

So crumple them up and throw them away


Cast off your dark clothes, put on the light

Take cover in Jesus, the strength of his might

He walks with you always, though sometimes it’s rough

He died and was raised; his grace is enough

Ruth 🙂




This poem is about how we all have limits on ourselves whether external or internal. They can hold us back from accomplishing the things we want or from having the kinds of relationships we want. Pop culture tells us, “Anything is possible if you just believe.” While it is good to believe your goals and ambitions are achievable, this poem challenges that mindset and tries to put it into perspective.


Lou had limits

There were limits on Lou


Sometimes what he wanted

He just couldn’t do


No matter how he tried

He just couldn’t push through


Because Lou had limits

There were limits on Lou


Trey saw a day

Where she had things to say


Where people would follow

When she Said, “Come this way”


Where her thoughts were important

And her opinions had sway


Yes, Trey saw a day

Where she had things to say



No matter who you are

There are limits on you


These limits will keep you

From doing what it is that you do


But know you can beat them

If only you try


If you never lose faith

And keep your head to the sky


But Why can’t I?

Asked a boy who was blind


Why can’t I see

What everyone sees?


There are some things in life

No effort will ease


I cannot try

To see shapes and colour


Even if I searched

I could never discover


If my heart’s full of faith

And I never lose hope


I will always stay blind

It can’t be re-wrote


But what I can do

Is figure out how


To live out my purpose

Right here and right now


To adapt to my limits

To the ones I cant change


And to do what I can

For the rest of my days


Sheridan Lake

Hey There!

Finally a painting finished! Well…close enough, but I won’t point out the things I left or they’ll bug you too. 😉

This is from a pic I took at Sheridan Lake this summer. Me and hubby went canoeing and swimming in the lake – good times.




Poem-A-Day Challenge

Hello there 🙂

I have a proposition to make. I have just been going through some poems I wrote this year and have decided to share them here on my blog. So for the next two weeks or so I will share a poem a day.

But I would also like to make this fun and interactive so if there are any other closet poets like myself out there I would like to give you the opportunity to join me.

Please post your poems either here on or on my Facebook page RjColour/Twitter @RjColour.

A lot of the poems you will see over the next couple of weeks are fun and light, but there are also some that are more serious and personal. I want to share them because I know that whatever difficult experiences I have had I know there are others who can relate. I would love to hear from you if there is a poem that particularly speaks to you. 🙂

But for starters, lets have something fun!

This one is titled “Young Little Hunny” and is loosely based off a conversation I had with my husband this morning. 😛

Young little hunny

With a mister so funny

Who sees you have nothing to do


Will open your eyes

As with triumph he replies

And says, “Get to work buckaroo!”


“I don’t care what you do

Mop the floor make a stew!

Scrub the walls till they sparkle and shine


If only I find

You’ve made good use of your time

I will love you much more than my wine







From One Artist to Another

Hey There 🙂

It seems things are beginning to flow again in the art department of my life. I’ve recovered from a broken wrist and have stopped throwing up from pregnancy long enough for the creative juices to begin to flow again. I had my ultrasound this past week and am working on a sort of collage made with fabric scraps that will feature a silhouette of our baby. 😀

While I was in the midst of all that I sort of third-handedly inherited a whole bunch of embroidery thread and tapestry wool as well as some unfinished projects from another artist. I never met him, but he knew some of our old family friends and when he passed away they got all of his old projects and supplies and they passed them on to my mom who gave them to me when I said I was interested.

However, all of these supplies were basically in a rats nest in an ancient shoe box so I am in the process of making little origami boxes and sorting all the colours (which I am thoroughly enjoying). I am also trying to think of how I could finish some of his projects and maybe put a modern twist on them.

Bottom line: I am excited and I love exploring new mediums!!

Here’s the pics 😛

Sorting Colours
Sorting Colours
Renaissance Man & Woman
Renaissance Man & Woman
Winter Tree
Winter Tree

Ruth 🙂