Hello Blog

Hello people,

This will be short, but I would just like to give an update so that I don’t totally abandon this blogging venture.

Almost two weeks ago, I broke my right wrist (dominant hand) in a car accident. Thankfully, that was the only major injury to anyone, but it’s been pretty limiting as you might imagine.

Also, on Saturday I was part of my first art show. I felt like I had to really fight for it and couldn’t have pulled it off without a lot of help from my husband and mom. It feels like a big accomplishment though, and I’m glad I did it. I made some good connections with other artists and got some good feedback, which were the main reasons I signed up in the fist place.

Two things essential to building an artist career:

1. Exposure. 2. Networking

Anyhow, I might not blog every friday since art is not really doable right now, but I’ll check in every now and then. šŸ™‚



Oo, ps here’s a picture of me in my booth. šŸ˜›

Me at my 1st Arts Fest :)
Me at my 1st Arts Fest 2015 šŸ™‚

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