From the Living Room to the World

Hi there.

Sometimes, life gets busy. I think we could all say that from experience. It seems like nothing out of the ordinary will happen for weeks or months or a year, and then suddenly many things will happen all within a short span of each other. That seems to be where I’m at right now.

From construction on our house to a new puppy to preparing for my first art show, things have been busy enough. But now to top it off it has become available for my husband and I to travel Europe for two weeks!

Super excited, obviously πŸ˜› One of my big reasons for wanting to see Europe has always been the incredible art. So I promise to take a million pictures and share some with you when I am back. πŸ™‚ I also hope to make paintings and sketches from some of them.

Until then, though, I am busy getting things in order for my art show which is now in less than two weeks!! Framing, price tags, inventory and email lists, you name it I’m working on it. The good thing, though, is that I’m enjoying all of it. πŸ™‚

So. Here’s some images for your perusal:

Framed Lace. 2x2 & 2x3
Framed Lace. 2×2 & 2×3

Mermaid. Paper. 4x6
Mermaid. Paper. 4×6
Light the Dark. 4x6
Light the Dark. 4×6
New York. fabric/beads. 2x3.5
New York. fabric/beads. 2×3.5



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