Preperation and Poetry


So I’ve been going into prep mode for the art show I will be apart of in June. But first, I tried a little watercolour on the sailor sketch. 🙂

Fat Fisherman, Colour
Fat Fisherman, Colour

So first off, I finally got around to getting the tent that I will be setting up my paintings in. I decided to buy instead of rent one because I hope to do more of these kinds of shows in the future! 🙂 Here it is:

Canopy Tent
Canopy Tent

Pretty sweet, eh? Then I picked up this drawer from someone’s lawn (I have no shame), got some kickass spray paints and ka-blamo! It also has little gold knobbies which I will put on, but I still might do another coat.

Display Drawer
Display Drawer

In case you have no idea what the drawer is for, I’m going to use it as a display piece.. Maybe stack framed sketches or a couple paintings in it or something.

Or poetry!!

This is the other thing I’ve been occupying myself with. I’ve always liked poetry, but I never really tried writing it much until the last couple of months and since then I’ve been going poetry crazy! I have about 15-20 poems right now and they just keep coming.

Here’s one that I just wrote last night to give you an idea. 🙂


“Tomorrow I will” said Jiminy Blade

Tomorrow’s a place he had quite often stayed

Doing the most unbelievable things

Like running in circles on Saturn’s great rings

Or building a plane from elephant wings

Or weaving a tightrope completely from floss

A man in a hat who helped him across

But sadly, what you do in tomorrow doesn’t count in today

For the things done today are the things that will stay

The days of tomorrow will only display

The things you accomplished while living today

But if dreaming is what gets you through

Make sure that while dreaming you also do

Hope that was inspirational for you 😛 Get off your butt and live your dreams!!



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