Flowers, lace, and a Fat Old Sailor

Hey there,

First thing I wanted to share are my new business cards!!

Here’s a pic of one that I put on the bulletin board in Opus:

My Business Card!
My Business Card!

Here’s a strapping young sailor I drew 😛 I bought a fixitive spray so I can paint watercolour over the pen without the ink running.

Fat Sailor
Fat Sailor

This one is part of the serries with the flowers and lace 🙂 It’s not quite done but I’m definitely liking it so far..

Apothecary Jar. Mixed Media. 16x20
Apothecary Jar. Mixed Media. 16×20

And finally, here is a completed painting “Flowers and Lace”.

Flowers and Lace
Flowers and Lace



2 thoughts on “Flowers, lace, and a Fat Old Sailor

  1. Business cards! You’re a professional now 🙂

    I love your fat old sailor. He’s draw in such a fun style – er, “whimsical”? “Children’s book” style?

    Your flowers and lace series is interesting. I like the interesting shadow pattern in your first completed one. (I don’t know why, but it’s where my eye is first drawn to).


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