From the Living Room to the World

Hi there.

Sometimes, life gets busy. I think we could all say that from experience. It seems like nothing out of the ordinary will happen for weeks or months or a year, and then suddenly many things will happen all within a short span of each other. That seems to be where I’m at right now.

From construction on our house to a new puppy to preparing for my first art show, things have been busy enough. But now to top it off it has become available for my husband and I to travel Europe for two weeks!

Super excited, obviously πŸ˜› One of my big reasons for wanting to see Europe has always been the incredible art. So I promise to take a million pictures and share some with you when I am back. πŸ™‚ I also hope to make paintings and sketches from some of them.

Until then, though, I am busy getting things in order for my art show which is now in less than two weeks!! Framing, price tags, inventory and email lists, you name it I’m working on it. The good thing, though, is that I’m enjoying all of it. πŸ™‚

So. Here’s some images for your perusal:

Framed Lace. 2x2 & 2x3
Framed Lace. 2×2 & 2×3

Mermaid. Paper. 4x6
Mermaid. Paper. 4×6
Light the Dark. 4x6
Light the Dark. 4×6
New York. fabric/beads. 2x3.5
New York. fabric/beads. 2×3.5



Framing Sketches

Hey There!

This week has been super busy: I am in official art show prep (for more info see the events page)!! I’ve been buying boatloads of frames from different thrift stores, spray painting them, and matching them with different sketches. It’s way more fun than just taking them to Michael’s or something because it’s like a treasure hunt figuring out which sketches go best with which frames..

Anyways! Enough rambling. Here’s the proof that I actually did what I’m telling you about. πŸ˜›

Framing Workstation
Framing Workstation

This is my has been my workstation the last few days.. Thank goodness for a massive kitchen table!

Here are some close ups of a few of my favourites so far..

Grunge Shoe - Framed
Grunge Shoe – Framed
Dwarf - Framed
Dwarf – Framed

The shoe and dwarf are both minis..two or three inches tall.

Woman in Gray - Framed
Woman in Gray – Framed

I think this one is my personal favourite right now. I love the mix of grays with the pink together with her expression. Sometimes the magic is just there!

Don't Ever Stop Trying - Framed
Don’t Ever Stop Trying – Framed
Damn These Walls - Framed
Damn These Walls – Framed

These last two also look really sharp, I was especially excited about the black frame because, if you can see, it’s just glass between the frame and the sketch. This one is also my hubby’s favourite right now. πŸ™‚

Other than frames there is a lot to do to prepare for a show!

Yes, I have my art, the tent, and the biz cards, but there’s a lot of other details that I still need to think about. Tablecloths, a moneybox, other display items like boards to hang the paintings on….Price tags, packaging (bags, newspaper, etc), bio cards.

Should I have an email list? What would I email them about? I need to order square.. this little thing that plugs into your phone so you can take credit card payments.

Thankfully, I’m not the first person ever to attempt this so there are tons of list and tips online.

Aannd.. that’s it for now πŸ™‚

See ya!

Preperation and Poetry


So I’ve been going into prep mode for the art show I will be apart of in June. But first, I tried a little watercolour on the sailor sketch. πŸ™‚

Fat Fisherman, Colour
Fat Fisherman, Colour

So first off, I finally got around to getting the tent that I will be setting up my paintings in. I decided to buy instead of rent one because I hope to do more of these kinds of shows in the future! πŸ™‚ Here it is:

Canopy Tent
Canopy Tent

Pretty sweet, eh? Then I picked up this drawer from someone’s lawn (I have no shame), got some kickass spray paints and ka-blamo! It also has little gold knobbies which I will put on, but I still might do another coat.

Display Drawer
Display Drawer

In case you have no idea what the drawer is for, I’m going to use it as a display piece.. Maybe stack framed sketches or a couple paintings in it or something.

Or poetry!!

This is the other thing I’ve been occupying myself with. I’ve always liked poetry, but I never really tried writing it much until the last couple of months and since then I’ve been going poetry crazy! I have about 15-20 poems right now and they just keep coming.

Here’s one that I just wrote last night to give you an idea. πŸ™‚


“Tomorrow I will” said Jiminy Blade

Tomorrow’s a place he had quite often stayed

Doing the most unbelievable things

Like running in circles on Saturn’s great rings

Or building a plane from elephant wings

Or weaving a tightrope completely from floss

A man in a hat who helped him across

But sadly, what you do in tomorrow doesn’t count in today

For the things done today are the things that will stay

The days of tomorrow will only display

The things you accomplished while living today

But if dreaming is what gets you through

Make sure that while dreaming you also do

Hope that was inspirational for you πŸ˜› Get off your butt and live your dreams!!


Flowers, lace, and a Fat Old Sailor

Hey there,

First thing I wanted to share are my new business cards!!

Here’s aΒ pic of one that I put on the bulletin board in Opus:

My Business Card!
My Business Card!

Here’s a strapping young sailor I drew πŸ˜› I bought a fixitive spray so I can paint watercolour over the pen without the ink running.

Fat Sailor
Fat Sailor

This one is part of the serries with the flowers and lace πŸ™‚ It’s not quite done but I’m definitely liking it so far..

Apothecary Jar. Mixed Media. 16x20
Apothecary Jar. Mixed Media. 16×20

And finally, here is a completed painting “Flowers and Lace”.

Flowers and Lace
Flowers and Lace