Damn These Walls


The last week and a half I’ve been listening to a couple different albums non-stop. The first is Ghost by Coldplay. The songs Magic, Ink, and A Sky Full of Stars are definitely my favourite. The second album is by Birdy and is called Fire Within. They’re both super chill but powerful albums. The sketch I did uses theh lyrics “Damn these walls” from Birdy’s song Wings.

Damn These Walls
Damn These Walls

These words really resonate with me. I’m sure it’s a something pretty much everyone can connect with, but I know, at least for me this has been one of the recurring themes in my life. I have so many things I want to do, places I want to see, things I want to accomplish. Yet I have limits, both internal and external. There are walls that keep me from the things I want.

I get frustrated with myself for not being single-minded, determined, or self-disciplined enough. When I do have the drive to get down to work, other things get in the way. Unavoidable, necessary, and even good things.

It is the “inward” walls that I feel spiteful towards. The walls that I wish I had more control over. The walls that I feel I should have more control over.

I think it is a result of the fall in creation and that when we get to be with Jesus one day we won’t have these limitations that keep us from reaching our full potential. But for now there is almost a beauty in having to struggle for the things we want in life. Things don’t come easy, which make them all the more special when we put in the work and earn them. And I’m not just talking about art. Obviously that is what I’m talking about as it applies to me mostly, but these thoughts could apply to any other kind of life goal or dream.

Anyways, speaking of limits, I have to leave for work now. But as a final thought, here is a song that relates to this topic.

It’s called Limitations by Trip Lee ft. Leah Smith. Here’s the Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOgILKFF1bE



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