Paintings for the Public!

Hello, hello.

So there are a few things that need to be said here and the best will be last.

First, here is the retro house in painting form. After painting the sky I realized that the house was no longer going to be the focus so I turned it into a sillhouette.

Retro Nights. Acrylic.
Retro Nights. Acrylic.

Second, is the start of the new series that I am currently working on. They will be still life paintings based off of photos I took for a previous blog post. I really enjoy trying out different subject matter and I haven’t done a still life in a long time so I am happy just to focus on the colours and making them look pretty.

This first painting is partially done, and although it doesn’t show in the picture I used a gold paint in some areas which gives it a nice sheen from certain angles.

Flowers and Gloves. Mixed Media. 24x36
Flowers and Gloves. Mixed Media. 24×36

This one shows the underpainting, which I didn’t actually do with paint, just to confuse you. 😛 I tried a new technique where I coloured the canvas with chalk pastel and then sprayed it with water and used a paintbrush just to move the colours around the way I wanted them.

Lace Window. Mixed Media. 24x36
Lace Window. Mixed Media. 24×36

And this one is still in the earliest stages, you can still see the grid lines from transferring the image. I So far I just have the basic shapes, I still need to draw the details inside the jar.

Apothecary Jar. Mixed Media. 16x20
Apothecary Jar. Mixed Media. 16×20

And finally.. duh, duh, duuhh!!! I have some exciting news which includes me having my own booth at an arts festival on June 6th!!! It’s called How Great Thou ArtsFestival and will be hosted from 1-7pm in Mission BC. There will be approximately 50 artist booths there!

Here’s the poster for all the deets:
Artsfest Poster

So yeah, I’m super excited because I’ve never done anything like this before and it feels like a step forward. I hope to see you there, but I’m also looking forward to meeting new people as well!



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