The Art of Direction


May I just say that sometimes art has a mind of it’s own? Well it does. And it did. I started out to paint the retro house sketch and I ended up with something completely different.

For all my paintings I like to do an undercoat or “wash” – a thin layer of paint in a colour that goes with the colour scheme of the painting. I got a little carried away with it and started experimenting. I made it really watery and drippy, threw salt on it (salt absorbs the water leaving white areas around it), sprayed water from a spray bottle and used a blow dryer to control the direction of the drips.

Storm Painting Unfinished
Storm Painting Unfinished

Then later when I came back to it I got as far as drawing the graph on the canvas when I noticed the white and blue on the bottom looked like crashing waves. So I had to make the decision to either continue with the plan or to go out on a limb and change direction.

I went with the flow!!

Storm. Acrylic. 12x24
Storm. Acrylic. 12×24

So within a couple hours I had a painting which is dramatic, moody, and beautiful. I’m happy.

I then prepped the next canvas I had for the retro house. 😛



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