Four Seasons Tree Paintings

Hey everyone!

So Last night I gave the tree paintings to my friend, so now I will show them to you. 🙂

Four Seasons Trees. Acrylic. 11x14, framed in natural wood
Four Seasons Trees. Acrylic. 11×14, framed in natural wood

Art just makes me so excited! There’s this feeling of accomplishment when you finish something and you finish it well that is so great. Before I was taking art seriously I would only paint every couple months or few weeks at best. The same painting would drag on for months and I would get frustrated because I would want to try new ideas but felt obligated to finish what I started. That would leave me with several unfinished paintings that were always “hanging over my head” so to speak and I never got to experience the feeling of success.

Now things have changed for me though. Since I have been married I have been able to see that this is what I want to pursue in life and to make that happen I have made a commitment to pursue art daily. Only since I have really made those decisions have I seen great progress. Now it feels like those dreams of becoming a full time artist can become a reality if I just keep moving, keep working, and keep stepping out. It won’t come easily or quickly but I am excited to watch my “journey” (that word is so cheesy but it’s accurate) unfold before me.

Anyways, that’s a little bit of my art and a little bit of me. 🙂

Good day.


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