A Work in Progress…

Hey there 😛

So this may potentially leave me with nothing to post on Friday, but hopefully it will just motivate me to create something new instead!

There’s this old painting that came from my in-law’s house that they said I could paint over if I wanted. So I’ve been playing around with it and different ideas. It started because a couple months ago or so I got this picture during church that the more I thought about it the more I wanted to paint it. But I wasn’t really sure how to do it so a specific idea turned into just wanting to paint something to do with Jesus and his magnificence.

However Christian art is hard for me because it seems so generic. After all, there’s only so many ways you can paint a cross or Jesus on the cross, etc. I guess though that this process has made me care less about whether a cross has been painted before and more about just wanting to portray God’s power.

There’s something undeniable about the face of Christ that grabs you. There’s a reason why so many artists throughout history have attempted to illustrate it. It pulls you in and makes you feel weak and loved and amazed all at the same time.

So this painting, which is by no means finished, I felt to share with you because it just seems to have the feeling of war. If I was going to leave it as is I think I would call it “The Warrior’s Plan” or something like that. There’s something noble and eye catching about it..I think it’s the fluorescent orange and the red and the way the cross kind of swoops out at the bottom.

Here it is:

The Warrior's Plan. Mixed Media. 29x41 Including Frame
The Warrior’s Plan. Mixed Media. 29×41 Including Frame

I hope God speaks to you though it.


P.S. This is when I wish I had an actual camera and not just my phone, because the picture really does not do it justice. There is so much more texture then what is shown.


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