Got the Manual

Hey there!

Super pumped – finally caved and bought this art book I’ve been wanting for a while.. but first: Here is what I was working on this week 🙂

I decided to try my hand at more illustration kind of stuff…

Tulip at Sunset
Tulip at Sunset
Blue Cat
Blue Cat

So. Back to the book. It’s called “Art Inc. (The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist)” by Lisa Congdon.

Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon
Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon

Anyways, I’m super stoked about this book because it gives practical information and tips for everything from getting motivated and making time for art to the more tricky stuff like marketing and licensing. It also has interviews from different artists telling how they made their art into a career.

I realize that I’m at the very beginning stages of my journey right now, but I’m okay with that. Over the next several years I hope to grow my art from being just a hobby to something more substantial that I can actually make a living from. I want to be someone who does what they love and not someone who just talks about doing it. I hope that this blog will help to keep me accountable in working towards that goal.

When you put yourself out there you never know who will find you. 🙂


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