Ars Gratia Dei

Art for God’s sake.

That’s the translation of the latin phrase “Ars Gratia Dei”. The original phrase “Ars Gratia Artis” or “Art for art’s sake” is the motto written on the banner of the MGM logo.*


For the world I guess that’s all the purpose there can be in art – art for it’s own sake. But for Christians we create because we know we are made in the image of the first and greatest creator. It’s from him that we receive the desire to create in the first place and it’s from him that we can receive inspiration and the discipline and courage it takes to put that inspiration into action.

As for my own art, it’s been pretty limited this week due to being sick, but I’ve been working on this one painting that’s almost done I just need to push through the last few details. I promise I will post it the moment it’s finished! For now, here’s a little something I hope brightens your day! (Just so you know it is by no means an accurate depiction of my first thoughts most mornings) 😛

Let the Day Begin!
Let the Day Begin!

*I first learned about these phrases and their meanings from Matt Knisely’s book Framing Faith.


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