Onwards and Upwards (and other thoughts)

So it took some time, but things are finally in place here at RJIC. Also, if you feel up to it take a gander over to the Paintings and Sketchbook pages because there are some new additions. 😛

On a side note, I went thrifting with a good friend the other week and one of the stores in New West had this awesome delivery truck I couldn’t help posing with! (I seriously love good graffiti!)

Me with Awesome Graffiti
Me with Awesome Graffiti

Lastly, I thought I’d leave you with an image that profoundly portrays todays social upheaval……

Gangsta Grizzly!!
Gangsta Grizzly!!

Haha! Anyways, the story with this guy is that I found him during one of my frequent thrift missions.. I couldn’t figure him out until my husband recognized him as a cheap rip off of the old Vancouver Grizzlies mascot. I then added the gold chain (with the St. Christopher pendant from my catholic grandmother) and the cardboard gun (meant to look like it could be used in a puppet show) I had made previously but had no purpose for yet. They all fit together so nicely!


6 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards (and other thoughts)

  1. You could have a blog totally devoted to all the treasures you’ve discovered while thrifting!
    We went to a thrift store today and our little guy repeatedly asked, “where’s Ruth?!” I guess everyone knows about your thrifting hobby? 😉


  2. That was such fun. You are very talented and so creative. Get busy, girl.
    I love thrift stores and highly recommend it when complimented on my “treasures”. It is amazing what people pass on. It was a delight to experience your website.


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