Hey everyone,

So that painting I told you would be finished soon and you got the sneak peek? Well, here it is 🙂 Her name is Jasmine, hope you like her.

Jasmine. Acrylic. 36x48
Jasmine. Acrylic. 36×48

Coming Soon!

Hey friends 🙂

Just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at my latest project.. It’s one of those paintings that seems to drag on because I know exactly what I have to do it’s just a matter of working away at it.. but another week or two and that should do it!

Anyways here’s a little preview…

Stencil  sneak peek - acrylic, traced and hand painted
Stencil sneak peek – acrylic, traced and hand painted

So there it is! Bah! And that’s just from the background!

Got the Manual

Hey there!

Super pumped – finally caved and bought this art book I’ve been wanting for a while.. but first: Here is what I was working on this week 🙂

I decided to try my hand at more illustration kind of stuff…

Tulip at Sunset
Tulip at Sunset
Blue Cat
Blue Cat

So. Back to the book. It’s called “Art Inc. (The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist)” by Lisa Congdon.

Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon
Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon

Anyways, I’m super stoked about this book because it gives practical information and tips for everything from getting motivated and making time for art to the more tricky stuff like marketing and licensing. It also has interviews from different artists telling how they made their art into a career.

I realize that I’m at the very beginning stages of my journey right now, but I’m okay with that. Over the next several years I hope to grow my art from being just a hobby to something more substantial that I can actually make a living from. I want to be someone who does what they love and not someone who just talks about doing it. I hope that this blog will help to keep me accountable in working towards that goal.

When you put yourself out there you never know who will find you. 🙂

Ars Gratia Dei

Art for God’s sake.

That’s the translation of the latin phrase “Ars Gratia Dei”. The original phrase “Ars Gratia Artis” or “Art for art’s sake” is the motto written on the banner of the MGM logo.*


For the world I guess that’s all the purpose there can be in art – art for it’s own sake. But for Christians we create because we know we are made in the image of the first and greatest creator. It’s from him that we receive the desire to create in the first place and it’s from him that we can receive inspiration and the discipline and courage it takes to put that inspiration into action.

As for my own art, it’s been pretty limited this week due to being sick, but I’ve been working on this one painting that’s almost done I just need to push through the last few details. I promise I will post it the moment it’s finished! For now, here’s a little something I hope brightens your day! (Just so you know it is by no means an accurate depiction of my first thoughts most mornings) 😛

Let the Day Begin!
Let the Day Begin!

*I first learned about these phrases and their meanings from Matt Knisely’s book Framing Faith.

Onwards and Upwards (and other thoughts)

So it took some time, but things are finally in place here at RJIC. Also, if you feel up to it take a gander over to the Paintings and Sketchbook pages because there are some new additions. 😛

On a side note, I went thrifting with a good friend the other week and one of the stores in New West had this awesome delivery truck I couldn’t help posing with! (I seriously love good graffiti!)

Me with Awesome Graffiti
Me with Awesome Graffiti

Lastly, I thought I’d leave you with an image that profoundly portrays todays social upheaval……

Gangsta Grizzly!!
Gangsta Grizzly!!

Haha! Anyways, the story with this guy is that I found him during one of my frequent thrift missions.. I couldn’t figure him out until my husband recognized him as a cheap rip off of the old Vancouver Grizzlies mascot. I then added the gold chain (with the St. Christopher pendant from my catholic grandmother) and the cardboard gun (meant to look like it could be used in a puppet show) I had made previously but had no purpose for yet. They all fit together so nicely!